Hell Is The Shell

Below is an heartwarming letter I received from a long-time friend I’ve known over 30 years. After reading it, and her daughter’s article, you’ll see why I call her a great parent, who taught by example:

Dan, I loved this article. It brought out so many emotions in me. First I was moved to tears, add in a little pissed off, then I was so proud, and finally actually picturing a chorus line of transgenders and gays getting fed up and kicking some bigot, hypocritical asses made me laugh. I’m also proud of you for standing up for youself and others who havn’t quite worked up the courage to take a stand for themselves. I always knew Geneva was to small for you. YOU WERE BORN TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
The following is an article that my 21 year old daughter wrote. She herself is heterosexual but has several friends who are transgender and/or gay and has seen them hurt and treated poorly by people who have brains equivalent to the size of a knat. It was never published, but it made her feel better, to let off steam. She doe’s this alot and sometimes her work does get published. God help Geneva County as she is a little woman with a great big voice. lol I hope you enjoy it.

Hell Is The Shell

“I never asked to be this way!”
“They call me a freak!”
“I feel like I’m trapped inside the wrong body!”

Many of you reading this today may hear this on a daily basis, whether it’s said by a friend, a brother, a sister, a son or daughter. Some of you never have these notions cross your path. And perhaps some of you may feel or have once felt like screaming these words. Regardless of how they may or may not apply to you, the words above and the emotions behind them are very real, and are experienced every single day by someone. Everyone has their own personal hell to deal with and to conquer. My only hope today is to bring to light the confusion and torment of transgender individuals that walk among us in society. My intention is to show you readers, that who they are are not an abomination, and what makes them feel and act this way is not merely personal choice, but genetics and chemical imbalances in the brain. I wish to also point out to you how they are discriminated. Most importantly, my intention is to provide you with a different view, and hopefully increase the numbers of those who can make a difference, who can be heard; starting with you.
Many people believe that being transgender is repulsive, is a sickness of the mind and that those who claim to be of the wrong gender physically are merely homosexual. Some of you might find it easier to accept one being gay as opposed to one claiming they were meant to be another sex. This is complicated to take in because a majority believe that to call yourself a mistake from birth would be to condemn what God has made you, in other words to be born a man is to be a man, and likewise with being born a woman. But it’s not that simple. I for one can’t provide reasoning behind the grand design of things, but as an aspiring writer I choose to view things from all angles, and I have looked into the opposing views of my research I am sharing with you today. I’m in favor of believing it’s a glitch in the genetic makeup. Research by scientist Simon LeVav (1991) suggests that sexual orientation is in part physiological. While studying the hypothalamus from two deceased males, one homosexual and the other heterosexual, LeVav was able to discover a significant difference between the two brains. The cell cluster in the heterosexual man proved to be larger than that of the homosexual man and even of women; thus proving that the homosexual man has a chemical makeup in the brain that is identical to a female’s. Another theory is that all fetuses are conceived essentially female. As the fetus grows and develops its organs, it then can either grow as a male or female. Transgender people are believed to have grown into a male physically; however their brain remains that of a female, therefore a genetic glitch that causes the individual to feel trapped inside a body that was not meant to be theirs. 
The transgender person goes through a life of confusion that can often lead to resentment of themselves as well as others. It’s a sad truth that this often goes ignored. While looking up transgender crime rates I discovered that although the numbers are quite high, not much is being done about awareness. I found countless crimes involving victims that were viciously murdered with the killers themselves receiving minor sentencing such as manslaughter, with no counts of hate crimes. Such victims of these malicious crimes are Brandon Teena, Duanna Johnson, Moses Cannon, Leeneshia Edwards, the list could go on and on. Further research informed me that although the FBI keeps violent crime statistics against Gays and Lesbians, it does not against Transgendered persons. The most recognized of the Transgender crimes is that of Gwen Amber Rose Araujo, a California teen murdered in October 2002. A movie was released on Lifetime Movie Network in 2006 called A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. This movie was bittersweet because it raised awareness by telling this poor girl’s story, however it only told her story. There are thousands of victims whose stories will never be heard.

Many faiths and religions are said to believe that the body is merely a vessel, a container of the soul itself. The Bible also states much the same in scripture. Upon dying the body does not depart along with the soul, but stays to return to dust. If that statement rings true, then how can the transgender populace be viewed as sinners or as a corruption. I realize that not all of my readers are Christian or any other faith for that matter. But if we can all look at ourselves as souls being contained by our physical selves, then perhaps we can better understand that our inner beings are not limited to gender, or even eye color. We are all of equal value, because despite our personal preferences we are all human beings. We all coexist.
As I conclude my argument, I would like to leave you with a quote that has always stayed with me ever since my eyes came across the words. It rings true with this article along with any facet of life, any conflict we may face..
“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” J.K. Rowling

By Daniel Lee ~ Proactive Diversity

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